helper VS render files

have you checked your console when a request is comming to your server? of course you did.

request blah blah…


render mechanism is just “read” this as file and return this as html

do you think reading a file is faster then getting views through helper?

i dont think so, but your experience would be appreciated here

to prove im wrong.

_page_rows.html.erb vs application_helper.rb (def render_rows; etc.. end)

let me know your experience, eg. using ‘ab’ ?

feel free to comment!


2 Tanggapan

  1. my client has proved this, but i think i must prove this by my self..i’ll post a comparable result later…

  2. i personally always avoid helper, especially if we have a lot of rhtml with {if then else} logic on there, it’s hard to read, also often make our code looks dirty

    i don’t know about speed, but since render partial is a page not a method, AFAIK we can cache it, btw do you know somee tools to benchmark something like this ?

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