svn basic commands

svn add target

svn up [target]

svn revert [target]

svn info [target]

svn cleanup

svn unlock

svn ignore

svn ci -m ‘comment here’ [target]

svn rm target

svn diff [target]

compare changes: server version VS working copy as console previewable text (like ‘cat filename’)

>>>special pake telor

svn blame target

eg. svn blame edit.html.erb


101009<%- @post.attributes.each_with_index do |a,i| -%>

101009<%= @post.send(a) %><%= “<hr />” if i == @post.attributes.size -1 %>

101009<%- end -%>



101008<%= debug @post.inspect %>

101008<%- @post.attributes.each_with_index do |a,i| -%>

101008<%= @post.send(a) %><%= “<hr />” if i == @post.attributes.size -1 %>

101008<%- end -%>



it’s just like ‘whole diff’ of a targetted file with special who has commited changes on a revision number’


conflict state?

my steps are:

1. copy and paste whole code to temp file

2.. remove all filenamecode.*

3.svn up

4.svn diff, ensure what was changed?

5.paste as needed. ‘ci’


*target can be file or dir

*all action must ended by svn ci to effect the changes

more is svn –help 😀


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