Problem solved! 100 points for me :D

At the finally, it’s just the beginning.

‘mysqlclient…no’ returning error on installing do_mysql and sqlite3 on mac tiger and leopard, but for now based on my own experience when figure this out. I just realized, this may come on any platform i think at least for now.

on macos we easily use port installation just go to /opt/local/bin (im darwinport user 1.6xx) the do “sudo ./port” dont forget to use ‘sudo’ coz you may enter interactive port console that wont recognize ‘sudo’ command.

ensure your ports are not out of date, do ‘selfupdate’ and then do ‘list mysql*’ or ‘list sqllite*’, go ahead with install mysql5(needed by gem: mysql5) and sqlite3 (ruby-sqlite3)

then go forward gem installation as usually, sudo gem install do_mysql (merb app ussually), and gem install sqlite3(merb,rails, etc)

* this is for my own note, so i said ‘awesome stuff n experience for my self !’ 😀

good…good… good..!!!


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