apple scripts

actually i dont feel comfortable talking in english cos im still learning day to day while discuss with my clients, but i want my share can be understood by all over in the word ! (mantaf surantaf bin asraf, kesamaan nama tokoh tidak disengaja 😀 )

Ok, following with my involvements on creation for a tool to rsync directly and automatically integrated with ROR apps on a project, my client and me have created like shell scripting on macos (Tiger) to capture all urls called.

This is my first knowledge to learn as(apple script) asap coz my client need this. He dont want to render this on his server (live server) for afraid performance issues so he asked me to render this on mine and rsync to his server …Basically i call an application called ‘papparazi’ to run some urls then convert,resize,save using combination of ‘rmagick’ (convert) and the rsync to japan server (my client..till now, i like call them as my partners).

So…of course this article only for macos (tiger, depends on paparazzi version) user for now…At the first we have to download this (freeware so i posted here)!%200.5b4.dmgand lets start doing like ‘batch’ scripting to papazzi, convert tool (rmagick installed), and rsync(standard) is my AS (apple script = aris setyawan, it’s match! 🙂 )…

STOP! sabar…sabar biasa bae lah son…


in common scripting we usually tell app to launch first, with tell application ‘paparazzi’ do …end and just for remind you, here we can embed common commands like we are in terminal (cicaheum?? ato lw.panjang?? pokoke terminal apa bae sing penting tekan gone simbah maem apple dari toko ema kinto.s,,,waduh inget mudik euy!)


to be cont 🙂


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